EMN Meeting on Titanium-Oxides

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*Please contact the conference assistant at: EMN-TIO@outlook.com (Miss Willa Wang)

Invited Speakers:

  • Darlington Ashiegbu, University of The Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa
    Sol-gel synthesis of ZnO nanoparticles calcined at varying temperature for photocatalytic degradation of ethylbenzene
  • Dalibor Biolek, University of Defence, Czech Republic
    TiO2 memristor: Nanodevice or a manifestation of natural principle?
  • Federica Bondioli, University of Parma, Italy
    From traditional ceramic to nanotechnology: multifunctional surface for ceramic tile
  • Marco Fronzi, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China
    First-principle investigations of photo-catalytic processes in modified TiO2 surfaces
  • Takahiro Fujimoto, Clinic F, Japan
    Development of A Semiconductor Laser Based High Temperature Fine Thermal Energy Source using an Optical Fiber Tip once melted and covered with titanium oxide
  • Weiqiang Han, Zhejiang University, China
    Boron-doped hierarchical rutile submicrosphere TiO2 for Lithium ion batteries
  • Takamasa Ishigaki, Hosei Uiversity, Japan
    Oxide nanoparticles prepared via plasma rapid cooling processes: phase selection, transformation and functionalization
  • Jacek Katzer, Koszalin University of Technology, Poland
  • Miha Kovačič, University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia
    Prediction of the natural gas consumption in TiO2 manufacturing industry – case study
  • Hong Ngee Lim, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia
    Utilization of multifunctional graphene for enhancing the photoresponse of titanium oxidefor photochemical water research
  • Jan Macák, University of Pardubice, Czech Republic
    Anodic TiO2 nanotubes: synthesis and applications
  • Kazuhiko Maeda, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
    TiO2-based mixed anion materials for solar fuel production
  • Bunsho Ohtani, Hokkaido University, Japan
    Identification and characterization of metal-oxide particles with energy-resolved distribution of electron traps
  • Muhammad Babar Taj, Quaid-e-Azam University, Pakistan
  • Atsushi Tsurumaki-Fukuchi, Hokkaido University, Japan
    Observations on the interfacial redox reactions in metal-oxide memristive devices
  • Judy Z. Wu, The University of Kansas, USA
    Hybrids of carbon nanostructures and semiconductor nanocrystals for high-performance renewable energy devices