EMN Meeting on Liquid Crystal

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Previous EMN Liquid Crystal Conferences as Below:

EMN Meeting on Liquid Crystal 2016, Orlando, USA
EMN Meeting on Liquid Crystal 2017, Mauritius


Yuriy Garbovskiy University of Colorado Colorado Springs, USA
Contaminated nanomaterials in liquid crystals

Aziz Ghoufi Université de Rennes 1, France
Structure and Dynamics of n-OCB in bulk and confined situations

Seiichi Gohshi Kogakkan University, Japan
Real Time HDTV-to-4K Upconverter with Super Resolution for LCD

Dhaouadi Hassen University of Carthage, Tunis
Dynamic of field-induced phase transitions in ferroelectric liquid crystals

Yi JIN Shanghai University, China
Quick Response of Liquid Crystal Decides the Speed of Ternary Optical Computer

Sheeja M.K. SCT College of Engineering, India

Wei Liu Arizona State University (ASU), USA
Lipidic Cubic Phase Crystallization Technique

Masaru Miyao Nagoya University, Japan
Visual Issues on Augmented Reality Using Smart Glasses with 3D Stereoscopic Images

Lyes SAAD SAOUD University MHamed Bougarra of Boumerdes
Towards to an intelligent Liquid Crystal

PANKAJ KUMAR TRIPATHI University of Lucknow, India
Enhancement the performance of liquid crystal properties by doping nanoparticles

Edtson Emilio Herrera Valencia Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, UNAM, Mexico
Pulsating flow of a complex viscoelastic liquid. Human blood with cholesterol