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International Conference on Small Science(ICSS)

Previous ICSS Conferences as Below:

International Conference on Small Science 2013, Las Vegas, USA
International Conference on Small Science 2015, Phuket, Thailand
International Conference on Small Science 2016, Prague, Czech Republic
International Conference on Small Science 2017, San Sebastian, Spain


Invited Speakers:

Galip Akay KITAM, Ondokuz Mayis University, 55139 Samsun, Turkey
Micro- and Nano-scale reactors and reactions for very large-scale biological and chemical applications to combat global warming

Shoroog Alraddadi UMM AL-QURA University, KSA
The Magnetic and Transport Properties of Epitaxial (Fe₃O₄ /MgO)n

Ioan Baldea Universitaet Heidelberg, Germany
Tuning the Molecular Conformation of Floppy Molecules via Coverage Variation in Self-Assembled Monolayers Adsorbed on Electrodes

Francesca Di Benedetto ENEA – Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Italy
Transition Metal nanoparticles entrapped within carbon enriched flexible substrates: development of new nanostructured materials for sensing applications

Nianwen Cao Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology, China

Yin-Yu Chang National Formosa University, Taiwan
Biological Characteristics of Tantalum Oxide and Zinc Oxide Thin Films on Titanium materials

Amrita Chatterjee BITS-Pilani K. K. Birla Goa, India
Fluorescence sensor for the detection of heavy metal ions and anions: use of tetraphenylethylene derivative and graphene oxide

Shanshan Chen Renmin University of China, China
Toward domain size and thickness control of h-BN and graphene/h-BN heterostructures on Recyclable Pt Foils

Mitsuharu Chisaka Hirosaki University, Japan
Titanium Oxynitride-Based Oxygen Reduction Reaction Catalysts for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell Cathodes

Chun-Pei Cho National Chi Nan University, Taiwan
Mixed-phase MnO2/N-containing graphene composites applied to flexible asymmetric solid-state supercapacitors

Sungmoon Choi Seoul National University, Korea
Luminescence dependence of the luminescent gold nanodots on environmental factors

Gérald Dujardin Université Paris-Sud, France
Electrically driven plasmon nanosource, application to a plasmonic lens

Vincenzo Guidi University of Ferrara and INFN, Italy
Chemoresistive nanostructured metal oxides for gas detection

Sung Hun Jin Incheon National University, Korea
Integration of semiconducting single walled carbon nanotubes into pseudo-cubic In2O3 hetero-structures and their application toward solid-state symmetric supercapacitors

Hong Seok Kang Jeonju University, Korea
Electronic structures and energy applications of Layered Materials

H. Kato National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan
Characterization of nanomaterials using diffusion phenomena in liquid phase

Patrick Kékicheff Institut Charles Sadron, C.N.R.S., Université de Strasbourg, France
Direct measurement of lateral correlations under controlled nanoconfinement: The long-range attraction between hydrophobic macroscopic surfaces

Vinay Khatri Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology, India
Optical Limiting behavior of ir Doped ZnO under Pulsed Laser (532 nm) excitation

Jin Young Kim Seoul National University, Republic of Korea
Highly efficient and stable tandem solar cells based on halide perovskites

Aleksey Kozikov University of Manchester, UK
Interlayer exciton optoelectronics in van der Waals heterostructures

You-Quan Li Zhejiang University, China
An Alternative Model to Understand the Navigation Mechanism of Migratory Birds

Xinhui Liu Nanjing Medical University, China
The Experimental Study on Promoting the Ilizarov Distraction Osteogenesis by the Injection of Liquid nano biocomposites

Hong-Liang Lu Fudan University, China
Synthesis and the luminescent properties of ZnO core/shell nanowire arrays coating with thin films grown by atomic layer deposition

Herculano Martinho Universidade Federal do ABC, Brazil
Strain distribution in self-assembled diphenylalanine nanotubes

Šarūnas Meškinis Kaunas University of Technology, Republic of Lithuania
Diamond like carbon nanocomposites with embedded group IB metal nanoparticles

Alexandre Michtchenko Instituto Politécnico Nacional, SEPI-ESIME-Zacatenco, México
Elaboration of current collector for metal-free supercapacitors with graphene oxide separators and microwave exfoliated graphite oxide electrodes using a composite of polylactic acid and carbon nano-material

Maria Mitkova Boise State University, USA
Light induced mass transport, compositional and structural changes in chalcogenide glasses for relief formation

Noriyuki Miyata National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan
Interface dipole modulation memory based on multi-stack HfO2/SiO2 structure

Ali Morsali Tarbiat Modares University, Iran

Christian Müller Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil
Recent advances in rolled-up magnetic nanomembranes

Ghulam Mustafa Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan, Pakistan
Influence of the divalent and trivalent cations on the Structural and Magnetic Properties of the CoCr0.04Tbx Fe1.96-xO4 ferrite prepared by sol-gel method

Masayuki Naya FUJIFILM Corporation, Japan
Large area SERS imaging substrates with depositing Au on the boehmite

Josep Nogués Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain
Simultaneous local heating/thermometry based on plasmonic magnetochromic nanodomes

Xiao Peng Nanchang Hangkong University, China
Application of metallic nanoparticles to assemble corrosion-resistant nanocomposite coatings

Bachir Redouane University Aboubekr Belkaid Tlemcen, Algeria
Heterogeneous nanocatalysts for C-C coupling reactions

Uta Reibetanz University of Leipzig, Germany
Layer-by-Layer based Carriers as a Versatile Drug Delivery System

Debesh R Roy Department of Applied Physics, S. V. N. I. T., India

Kentarou Sawano Tokyo City University, Japan
Germanium light source monolithically integrated on Si platform

Kira Scheffler University of Leipzig, Germany
Improvement of cellular interaction of LbL based microcarriers with the Vesicular Stomatitis Virus

Sirinrath Sirivisoot King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), Thailand
Effects of a Graphene Oxide Coating on Bone Regeneration

Chiaki Terashima Tokyo University of Science, Japan
Photocatalytic Nanomaterials for the Degradation of Gaseous Organics

Manabu Tokeshi Hokkaido University, Japan
Fluorescence polarization immunoassay for rapid analysis of small molecules

Osamu TOMITA Kyoto University, Japan
Z-scheme Water Splitting by using Transition Metal-substituted Polyoxometalate as Shuttle Redox Mediator under Visible Light

Murli Manohar Verma University of Lucknow, India
The alternative models of gravity: Emergent Role of time

Qing Wang Shandong University of Science and Technology, China
Low-defect-processing of fabricationg nano- and micro-structures using photosensitive polymers

Hannah Wells Massey University, New Zealand
Collagen structure of acellular dermal matrix materials and it relates to mechanical properties

Guohua Xie Wuhan University, China
Light-emitting polymers with thermally activated delayed fluorescence for electroluminescence

Senlin Yan Nanjing Xiaozhuang University, China
A Study on Low Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells based on Nanotechnology

Takao YASUI Nagoya University, Japan
Nanowire spaces for urinary extracelluar vesicle analysis

Junhua Yu Seoul National University, Korea
Silica nanoparticle stability in biological media revisited