Welcome to Collaborative Conference on Advanced Materials 2019!

Energy Materials Nanotechnology        August 26 to 30, 2019 in St. Julian’s Malta

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  • Advanced Biological Materials
  • Advanced Electronic Materials
    Enke Liu, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
    Topological Electronic Transport of Magnetic Weyl Semimetal in Co3Sn2S2 Nanodevices
    Marino Marsi, Université Paris-Sud, France
    Ultrafast electron dynamics in out-ot-equilibrium quantum materials
    Toshihiro Miyata, Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Japan
    Ozone gas sensors with high sensitivity using polycrystalline p-type Cu2O sheets
    Takashige Omatsu, Chiba University, Japan
    Chiral structured materials created with helical light fields
    Evgeny Yu. Perlin, St.Petersburg State Research University ITMO, Russia
    Run Long, Beijing Normal University, China
    Ultrafast Chrage Transfer acorss Donoar-Acceptor Interface for Solar Hydrogen Production

    Yasuteru Shigeta, University of Tsukuba, Japan
    Computational studies on triplet-triplet annihilation up-conversion processes

    Xiaozhong Zhang
    , Tsinghua University, China
    Non-volatile spin logic device of in-memory computing

  • Advanced Energy Materials
  • Advanced Magnetic Materials
    Yasmine Gabi
    , Fraunhofer Institute for Nondestructive Testing IZFP, Germany
    Installation of the electromagnetic 3MA NDT device in industrial plants

    Aleksandr S. Kamzin
    , Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
    Masaki Mizuguchi, Tohoku University, Japan
    Michael Ortner, Carinthian Tech Research, Austria
    Analytical approach to treat demagnetization effects in hard magnetic materials
    Zhoucheng Wang, Xiamen University, China
    Hydrothermal synthesis and electrochemical properties of MnFe2O4 nanoparticles

  • Advanced Nanomaterials
    Sergei E. Alexandrov
    , Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russia
    Yaman Boluk
    , University of Alberta, Canada
    Cellulose nanofibers: Applications from tissue engineering to cement additives
    Alain Claverie, CEMES – CNRS, France
    Crystallization behaviour of Ge-rich GeSbTe alloys used for Phase Change Memories
    Shiying Fan, Dalian University of Technology, China
    Enhanced Photoeletrocatalytic Efficiency by double Schottky Junctions: First-Principles Evidence and Experimental Verifications
    Haruhisa Kato, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan
    Recent progress of characterization methodorogy: accurate determination of size distribution of widely size-distributed nanomaterials
    Xinyong Li, Dalian University of Technology, China
    In Situ Spectrospecopy Investigation of Surface-interface Charge-Transfer Process over Tailored Hierarchical Nano-structures for Solar Energy Harvesting and Conversions

    Sivakumar Manickam, University of Nottingham Malaysia, Malaysia
    Cavitation assisted generation of nanomaterials and nanodispersions
    Tsong-Pyng Perng, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan
    Template-assisted fabrication of TiO2-based nanotube structures by atomic layer deposition for enhanced photocatalytic efficiency

    Sharath Sriram, RMIT University, Australia
    Brain-inspired devices using nanoscale oxide thin films
    Masafumi Unno, Gunma University, Japan
    Synthesis and structures of novel cage silsesquioxanes
    Lucien Veleva, CINVESTAV-IPN, Applied Physics Department, Mexico
    Zaoli Zhang, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria

  • Advances in Functional Materials
    Keynote: Li Lu, National University of Singapore, Singapore
    Solid Electrolyte for Next Generation of Energy Storage
    Yan Yin, Institute of Physics, CAS, China
    A Low-loss Graphene Plasmonic Resonance Device Working at a Few Hundred GHz
  • Application of Advanced Materials
    Weimin Huang
    , Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
    Elastic shape memory materials for comfort fitting
    Hatam Guliyev, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Azerbaijan
    Experiments of formation of monocrystals at high thermobaric conditions and applying of their results to geophysics

  • Catalyst Material
    Mitsuharu Chisaka, Hirosaki University, Japan
    Group IV Metal Oxynitride Catalyzed Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell Cathodes
    Masahiro Miyauchi
    , Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
  • Composites
    Keynote: Katsuyoshi Kondoh, Osaka University, Japan
    State-of-the-art carbon nanomaterials reinforced aluminum composites
    Keynote: Krasimir Vasilev
    , University of South Australia, Australia
    Tongxiang FAN, Shanghai JiaoTong University, China
    Eligiusz Postek, Institute of Fundamental Technological Research of Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
    Viscoplasticity effect during impact of metallic foams
    Marino Quaresimin, University of Padova, Italy
    An integrated approach to design and monitor the fatigue damage evolution in composite structures
  • Metals and Alloys
    Daryl C. Chrzan, University of California, Berkeley, USA
    Agne Civilyte
    , Lithuanian Institute of History, Lithuania
    Recycling of Metal Alloys thousand of years ago: Models of Human Behavior in the Past and Today
    Ebrahim Harati
    , Elga AB, Sweden; University West, Sweden

    Robert E. Melchers
    , The University of Newcastle, Australia
    The roles of manganese sulphide inclusions and iron carbides in pitting corrosion of low alloy steels
    Baolong Shen, Southeast University, China
    Improvement of Mechanical Properties of Fe-based Bulk Metallic Glasses

    Jun Shen, Shenzhen University, China
    Glass-forming ability of amorphous metals

  • New Low-dimensional Quantum Material
    Tokuei Sako, Nihon University, Japan
  • Polymeric Materials
    Hiroyuki Aoki
    , Mater & Life Sci Div, J-PARC, JAEA, Japan
    Conformation and dynamics of polymer chain in ultra-thin films of poly(methyl methacrylate)
    Qi Zhang, Institute of chemical materials, CAEP, China
    Design and Application of EMOFs Based on Bicyclic and Tricyclic Tetrazole Ligands
  • Surface Engineering
    Sachiko Ono, Kogakuin University, Japan
    Hamidreza Shirkhani, University of Ottawa, Canada
    Pratik Shukla, Coventry University, UK