The 5th EMN Meeting on Computation and Theory

Nov 26-30, Mauritius

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Welcome to the 5th EMN Meeting on Computation and Theory!

To continue its success of last events: the 1st EMN Meeting on Computation and Theory (Istanbul, Turkey, Nov. 9-11 2015), the 2nd EMN Meeting on Computation and Theory (Las Vegas, USA, Oct. 10-14 2016) and the 3rd EMN Meeting on Computation and Theory (Dubai, Nov. 6-10 2017), the 4th EMN Meeting on Computation and Theory (San Sebastian, Spain, Sept 3 – 7, 2018 ) , The 5th Theory meeting will continue to be focus on these workshops and aims to be a unique platform for leading scientists, researchers, scholars and engineers from academia, R&D laboratories and industry around the world to exchange, share and learn the most recent advancement on various aspects related to Computation and Theory.

Previous Attendees:

John P. Perdew, Temple University, USA

E.K.U. Gross, Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics, Germany

Mel Levy, Tulane University, USA