Invited speakers

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Adnan Ali Gauhar Qatar Environment & Energy Research Institute, Qatar
Modes of Electrohydrodynamic Inkjet Printing for Different Applications: Atomization, Patterning and Spinning

Dilip Chate Metropolitan Air quality and weather services IITM, India
Collision, coalescence and dynamics of freely falling droplets in the atmosphere

Fredrik Innings, Lund University, Sweden
Drop properties in the near nozzle section of a high pressure hollow cone spray

Hideki Tanaka Chuo University, Japan
Oxidation resistance and control of reactivity for oxide-free copper nanoparticles synthesized by photoreduction

Hoang-Thanh Nguyen INRA, France
Development of a lab on a chip microfluidic device for kinetic studies of lipophilic molecules

Ian Shou-Yin Yang National Formosa University, Taiwan
Spray and Droplet combustion on bio-oil multicomponent fuel

Jianhong Xu Tsinghua University, China
Droplet-based Microfluidics for Smart Emulsions and Functional Microparticles

Jiuzhou Zhao Institute of Metal Research,Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Microstructure formation in a drop of immiscible alloys

Jun-ya Kohno Gakushuin University, Japan

Kazunari Yoshida Yamagata University, Japan
Effect of chemical compounds on artificial cell models

Lazhar Benyahia Université du Maine 1, France
Universal retraction behavior of a single droplet

Mahsa Ebrahim Villanova University, USA

Masamichi Kohno Kyushu University, Japan
Behavior of micro water droplet impinging onto hot metal surface

Masanori KIKUCHI Bioceramics Group, Research Center for Functional Materials, National Institute for Materials Science, Japan
Hydroxyapatite/collagen nanocomposite paste for additive manufacturing of scaffold

Massimo Gurioli Laboratorio Europeo di Spettroscopie Non-lineari (LENS), Università di Firenze, Italy
Optics at the nanoscale: from semiconductor to photonic nanostructures

Nida Sheibat-Othman Chargée de recherche CNRS (CR1), France
Modeling and predicting the stability of double emulsions

Noriko Akutsu Osaka Electro-Communication University, Japan
Step droplets on a crystal surface with properties similar to one-dimensional clusters

Piotr M. Korczyk Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
Droplet microfluidics with embedded logic operations

Shawn A. Putnam University of Central Florida, USA
Droplet and the three-phase interface for heat and mass transport

Thomas G. Mason UCLA, USA
Internally structured multi-compartment nanodroplets by fusion processing

Tran Anh Tuan Nanyang Technological University ,Singapore
Universality of oscillating boiling in Leidenfrost transition

Yoshimune Nonomura Yamagata University, Japan
Penetration Behavior of a Water Droplet into a Cylindrical Hydrophobic Pore

Yukishige Kondo Tokyo University of Science, Japan
Active Demulsification Using Photo-responsive Surfactants