EMN Summit 2017

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Welcome to EMN Summit 2017!

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The EMN meeting began in 2008 as a small workshop held at a traditional villa in Orland, Florida. Since then we have organized about 30 annual workshop all over the world under the theme of Energy, Materials and Nanotechnology. For the first time, we collect all our organizing efforts together aiming for a big event with maximum impact, the EMN Summit!

The EMN Summit 2017 will take place from October 11-17, 2017  in Chengdu, ChinaThe meeting will be a few days of intense collaboration with great social occasions. It will be not only be a time to enjoy the company of fellow researchers in the field, but also a time to have fun with friends and family. We encourage you to give yourself some time for recreational pursuits!

We look forward to working with you at the 2017 EMN Summit in Chengdu!


Contact: Mavis Ma(emn-summit@outlook.com)