Invited Speakers

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Invited speakers:

Choon-Gi Choi Korea University of Science & Technology, Korea

Dae-Eun Kim Yonsei University, Korea
Surface Durability Enhancement of Flexible Polymeric Components

Diego Betancourt Dresden University of Technology, Germany

HaeDo Jeong Pusan National University, Korea
CMP process and equipment for flexible electronics

Haris Rudianto Gunadarma University, Indonesia
Feasibility of Aluminum and its Composites as a Conductor Based on their Chemical Compositions and Manufacturing process

Hu Seung Lee Chungnam National University, Korea
reliability of electrode patterning according to the blending of nanoparticle

In-Suk Choi Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Korea
Geometrical design concept for flexible and wearable devices

Jin-Seong Park Hanyang University, South Korea
Flexible Indium based Oxide Semiconductor Thin Film Transistors using Atomic Layer Deposition: Device and Evaluation

Masatoshi Sakai Chiba University, Japan
Flexible and Curved Surface Electronics by Solvent-Free Printing

Patrick Mercier University of California, USA
Unawearables: new wearable sensors and circuits for unobtrusive health and fitness monitoring

Qian Xin Shandong University, China
High frequency flexible Schottky diodes based on InGaZnO

Qingxin Tang Northeast Normal University, China
Large-Scale 3D Conformal Electrode and the application for Organic Field-Effect Device

Seung Hwan Ko Seoul National University, South Korea
Metal Nanowire Percolation Network Based Flexible Electronics

Shigeru Toyama National Rehabilitation Center for Persons with Disabilities, Japan
Shear force sensor based on flexible electrode film

Siddhartha Panda IIT Kanpur, India

Sin-Doo Lee Seoul National University, Korea
Principle of Topography-Directed Inkjet Printing on Flexible Substrates

Yamato HAYASHI Tohoku university, Japan
Fabrication Technique and Structure Concept of Polycrystal Silver Nanowire Transparent Conductive films by Organic Precursor Painting Reduction Method

Yeon Ho Son Hanyang University, Korea
Multi-pulsed Flash light sintered pattern on low-cost flexible substrate using 1-Octanethiol-coated copper nano-ink via inkjet printing technology

Yong Peng Wuhan University of Technology

Yong Soo Cho Yonsei University, Korea
Quantitative Analysis of Bending Fracture Behavior of Flexible Inorganic Thin Films

Yuehang Xu University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China
Microwave flexible devices for wireless communications

Yusuke Tsuda Kurume National College of Technology, Japan
Surface Wettability Controllable Polyimides by UV Light Irradiation for Printed Electronics