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  • Supercapacitor materials
  • Application of Supercapacity
  • Preparation and Performance of Supercapacitor materials
  • High Energy Supercapacity
  • Nanoporous materials of  Supercapacity
  • Ultra-capacitors in power conversion systems
  • Self-charging Supercapacity
  • Suspension electrode
  • Revelopment trend of Supercapacity

Invited Speakers:

Malik Wahid,CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory,Pune,India

An-Ya Lo,Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, National Chin-Yi University of Technology, Taiwan

RuO2/CMK-3/CNTs composites for soft package supercapacitor

Nihal Kularatna,The University of Waikato,School of  Engineering, New Zealand

Non-Traditional Applications of Commercial Supercapacitors

A. K .Pratihar,GB Pant Univ Ag & Technol, Coll Technol, Dept Mech Engn, India

Buba Dukureh,Center For The Promotion Of Science And Technology ,Gambian