Invited Speaker

EMN Meeting on Quantum Communication and Quantum Imaging

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  • Quantum Free-space and Fiber Optics Communications and Cryptography
  • Quantum Communication using Entanglement
  • Fundamental Properties of the Photon
  • Atmospheric Quantum Communication and Satellite Technologies
  • Communications and Switching Photonics
  • Wavefront Shaping & Quantum Optics
  • Quantum Networks
  • Quantum Ghost Imaging, Ghost Imaging
  • Nonlocal Quantum Imaging Physics
  • Quantum Medical Imaging
  • Quantum Remote Sensing; Quantum Sensors; Quantum Sources
  • Quantum Holography
  • Advances in Quantum Algorithms and Computation
  • Quantum Dots/low Dimensional Structures in Quantum Information Science
  • Quantum State Engineering in Hybrid Quantum System
  • Superconducting Qubit Using Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics
  • General

Invited Speaker:

       Tomas Sluka ,

Ceramics Laboratory Swiss Federal Institute of Technology