EMN Meeting on Smart Grid Technology



1. Sensing and measurement technology

2. Power electronic technology

3. Superconducting technology

4. Control simulation and decision making technology

5. Information and communication technology

6. The large-scale new energy power generation and grid technology

7. The technology of intelligent distribution network

8. Smart power utilization technology

9. Intelligent power network transmission technology


Invited Speakers:
  • Taha Selim Ustun, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
    Innovative approaches to increasing renewable energy penetration in Smartgrids
  • Huang Qi, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China
    energy blockchain
  • Xin Yan, Wuhan University of Technology, China
    Content aware networks and information integration for Smart Grid
  • Yuichi Kado, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan
    Triple-Active Bridge Converter for Smart DC Grid
  • Charalampos Kalalas, Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain
    Cellular technology for the Internet of Energy
  • Haris M. Khalid, Higher Colleges of Technology , United Arab Emirates
  • Felix Garcia, University of Sevilla, Spain
    Market Operation of a Network of Microgrids with Hybrid Energy Storage System using Model Predictive Control
  • Christos Chrysoulas, University of Essex, UK
    Towards an adaptive SOA-based QoS & Demand-Response Provisioning Architecture for the Smart Grid
  • Beibei Li, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  • Ning Lu, North Carolina State University , USA
  • Stephan Cejka, Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Oesterreich, Austria
    Smart Grid Applications in Intelligent Secondary Substations
  • Sundresan Perumal, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia, Malaysia
    Conflict of Security & Combating Cyber Terrorism
  • Fisnik Dalipi, Norwegian University of Science and Technology , Norway
    Towards enabling the integration of IoT in Smart Grids: Security and Privacy issues
  • Ali Lahouar, University of Sousse, Tunisia
    Effect of renewable sources penetration level on the load/price profile on smart grids
  • Mangal Dhend, AISSMS College of Engineering, India
    Smart distribution system monitoring and fault diagnosis in Smart Grid
  • Emad Abdelkarim, Aswan University, Egypt
    Mitigation of photovoltaic power generation fluctuations using plug-in hybrid electric vehicles storage batteries
  • Pawan Kumar, Lovely Professional University, India
    Evaluation and Intensification of Energy Efficiency in Smart Power Distributions
  •  Sayonsom Chanda, Idaho National Laboratory, USA
    Advances in understanding and quantifying resilience of power distribution systems
  • Eduardo Martinez-Cesena, University of Manchester, UK
    Techno-economic and business case analysis of smart multi-energy districts with integrated electricity, heat and gas networks
  • Majid Ali, Imperial College of Business Studies, Pakistan
    Demand Side Management Techniques for Cost and Peak Load Optimization
  • Ganesh Sauba, DNVGL Strategic Research & Innovation Group, China
    Decision Support and Forecasting Tool for Smart Microgrids
  • Sophie Nemoz, University of Burgundy, France
    What place for heterogeneous ingenuity in smart territories?
  • Evgueniy Entchev, University of Waterloo, Canada
    Smart Energy Networks – Intelligent Management of Energy Generation, Distribution and Utilization
  • Alireza Ghasempour, Utah State University, USA
    Optimized Scalable Decentralized Hybrid Advanced Metering Infrastructure for Smart Grid