The EMN meeting began in 2008 as a small workshop held at a traditional villa in Orland, Florida. Since then we have organized five successful workshops under the theme of Energy, Materials and Nanotechnology. In honor of the 2008 Orlando conference, these workshops were grouped under a conference series entitled “Villa Conference”. The Villa Conference series have grown beyond the traditional villa setting and have had continued success in 2009 (St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands), 2010 (Santorini, Greece), 2011 (Las Vegas, Nevada) , 2012 (Orlando, Florida) and 2013 (Houston, Texas).

“Molecular Motors” are Mother Nature’s one of the most wonderfully Engineered Products. The paramount EMN Meeting on Molecular Motors & Single Molecule Approaches, November 14-17,  2016 will bring an opportunity for leading academic scientists, researchers and decision makers working in the field on   chemomechanical coupling, single-molecule biophysics, protein biochemistry, cell biology, and organ physiology, to get their latest discoveries acknowledged on the global arena.

The EMN Meeting on Molecular Motors & Single Molecule Approaches-2016, that will continue for four days will take you to the voyage of knowledge providing you an opportunity to both collaborations and learn about  the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns, practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted in this broad field of Molecular Motors & Single Molecule Approaches from all over the world. The conference aims to shed light on the transnational nature of Molecular Motors & Single Molecule Approaches research, with emphasis on both the basic science as well as its applications in industry and academia.  Major scientific advancement in Molecular Motors & Single Molecule Approaches helped in solving many of the complicated issues in motor protein structure and function, the mechanisms of energy transduction, and the roles of cytoskeletal molecular motors in human health & disease. This conference also aims to provide an interdisciplinary forum for biologists, physicists, chemists and engineers who develop single molecule methodologies that can be readily applied to solve important biological problems.

 Thus, our EMN Meeting on MMS attendees will not only be interested in understanding how motors work, but how they are connected to the machinery they are powering, how they are regulated, how they interact with other motors and signaling networks, and how their fundamental biophysical parameters impact cell function. There will be presentations and discussions by scientists who study the highly diverse kinesin, dynein, and myosin families.

The meeting will be a few days of intense collaboration with great social occasions. It will be not only be a time to enjoy the company of fellow researchers in the field, but also a time to have fun with friends and family. During from last few years Dubai was a 7th most visited city of the Wold due to cosmopolitan city with residents representing 185 nationalities and accommodate over 15 million tourists. Several ongoing tourism projects are designed to develop Dubai into a luxury destination that rivals any other part of the world. These include The Palms-a trio of palm shaped resort islands, The World-a series of man made islands laid out in the shape of the world map, an underwater hotel and an underground hotel.

Looking forward and welcome all of you with my great pleasure and honor on EMN Meeting on Molecular Motors & Single Molecule Approaches,  Dubai-United Arab Emirates.

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