Terahertz Transmission Lines and Waveguides

  • Mohammed Basha, Zewail City of Science and Technology, Egypt
    Terahertz Technology Platform for Next Generation Integrated System
  • Aharon Friedman, Ariel University, Israel
    Tools and Methods for the Development of Tera Hertz Transmission Line and Its Dtection
  • Tae-In Jeon, Korea Maritime and Ocean University, Korea
    Enhanced THz Guiding Properties of Wire Waveguides
  • Shuqin Lou, Beijing Jiaotong University, China
    Low Loss Flexible Terahertz Microstructured Fiber and Its Application in THz Image
  • Miguel Navarro-Cía, University of Birmingham, UK
    Low-Loss Flexible THz Polymer-Lined Hollow Metallic Waveguides: Mode Imaging and Dispersion
  • Yi Wang, University of Greenwich, UK
    Terahertz Guided and Free-Space Filters and Their Fabrications