Spintronics Devices

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  • Alexander Khitun, University of California, Riverside, USA
    Magnonic Holographic Memory
  • Alexy Karenowska,University of Oxford, UK
    Magnonic architectures in circuit QED
  • Andrew Rushforth, University of Nottingham, UK
    Manipulating magnetic domain walls using strain 
  • Atsufumi Hirohata. University of York, UK
    Nano-spintronic devices from materials scientific perspectives
  • Bohdan Kundys,Strasbourg Institute of Materials Physics and Chemistry,France
    Towards ferroelastic functionalities for straintronics
  • Dmytro Apalkov,Samsung Electronics, USA
    Challenges and solutions for nanosecond STT-MRAM
  • Kazuki Nakada, Hiroshima City University, Japan
    Dynamical Systems Design for Spintronic Devices and its Applications
  • Kuntal Roy, Purdue University, USA
    Spintronics: Recent developments and future perspectives on ultra-low-energy, area-efficient, and ultra-fast spin-devices and spin-circuits
  • Marco Battiato,Vienna University of Technology,Austria
    Ultrafast and gigantic spin injection in semiconductors
  • Markus Meinert, Bielefeld University, Germany 
    Novel materials for antiferromagnetic spintronics
  • Muhammad Azeem,University of Sharjah,United Arab Emirates
    Potential of Rare Earth Metals Nitrides in Spintronic Devices
  • Satoshi Haku, Keio University,Japan
    Graphene spintronics with ferromagnetic metal and insulator
  • Tetsuo Endoh, Tohoku University,Japan
    STT-MRAM and MTJ/CMOS Hybrid NV-logic for Low Power Systems

  • Tomohiro Koyama, The University of Tokyo,Japan
    Magnetization switching and domain wall motion induced by spin transfer torque and spin orbit torque in perpendicularly magnetized materials
  • Yaroslav Kvashnin, Uppsala University, Sweden
    First-principles theoretical filtering of the materials for spintronics