Q: Can you waive my registration and the other fees including the air ticket, accommodation, etc?
A: The EMN conference organizers unfortunately have no plan to support the invited speakers financially. Due to the diversity and financial limitations of the meeting, the conference organizers will not be in the position to render financial support to attendees. All attendees including conference chairs would self-fund their registration, travel and hotel fees.
Q: What is included in my registration fee?
A: Your registration fee covers your conference attendance, coffee breaks, lunches, dinners for the first three meeting days and the excursion on the last day.
Q: I have registered and paid for the conference, but I haven’t received any confirmation.
A: You should always receive an automated confirmation email when you register and also when you have made payment. If you haven’t received an email from us then please email emngeneral@outlook.com with your name, registration number and the conference you have registered for. Once registered and your deposit is paid you will have access to a personalised link to your online details of the conference.
Q: I’ve missed the registration deadline for the conference, can I still attend?
A: Please email emngeneral@outlook.com to see if there are spaces still left at the conference. A small admin charge will apply for late registrations.
Q: Can you send me a visa letter for my visa application?
A: Yes, we can send you a letter for your visa application. Please note that no visa letters can be issued before you have registered. Once you have completed your registration, please email emngeneral@outlook.com to request your Invitation Letter.
Q: I want to bring a guest, how do I register them, and do I need to pay for them even though they are not attending the conference?
A: Contact the EMN Team emngeneral@outlook.com, we will inform you of the rate for guests and what is included in the fee. Full payment must be made prior to arrival. Any person who arrives at the hotel will be charged the full rate. There are no exceptions to this clause. Guests are not allowed into the conference unless an event pass is purchased by them. A guest of a speaker may be allowed to watch that one talk, at the discretion of the EMN team.
Q: Where can I find out latest information about the conference?
A: Information on the website will be kept as up to date as possible, as soon as the conference programme is available it will go up on the conference webpage and any changes made will be updated on this copy. We will make a copy of the programme available to you at the conference also.


Q: I have submitted an abstract, when will I find out if I have been selected to give a talk?
A: Once the deadline has passed, we send all of the abstract submissions to the chairs. They will then review the documents and select those delegates they wish to offer a talk slot on the programme. Once they have decided, they will inform us and we will contact the selected applicants. We aim to inform delegates if they have been selected within 2 weeks, the Chair(s) decision on abstract acceptances is final.
Q: Do I need to submit an abstract to register for a conference?
A: It is possible to register without submitting an abstract. However, please note that we do encourage all delegates including chairs, plenary and invited speakers to submit an abstract and actively take part in the programme by presenting either a talk or poster.
Q: I am presenting a poster at the conference, what do I do with the poster when I arrive?
A: Bring your poster( length: 140cm; Width: 90cm) with you when registering at the conference and hand it to a member of the EMN Staff. They will hang it in the Poster Room on your behalf for the Poster Session.
Q: Will there be a poster prize?
A: A poster prize may be awarded at some conferences. Please check the conference website for further information.
Q: I want to publish my paper on some journals, how should i do?
A: Bring your 3 hard copies to the EMN Staff onsite and one electronic manuscript should be received through email. Then EMN Staff will hand in your paper to the editor reviewing it. Once passed, the editor will inform you as soon as possible.


Q: Are airport transfers included in the cost of my registration?
A: No. However, EMN does try to arrange special rates with transfer providers at each destination and will post any such details on the website and in a welcome pack sent to you prior to the conference. Delegates can also visit the airport website for information on car hire or public transport. EMN Conferences assumes no responsibility for transfers to and from the venue or conference.
Q: Can I book an event pass for the conference and stay at the hotel?
A: Limited rooms are often available, please contact emngeneral@outlook.com for more information.
Q: I am a speaker with accommodation booked through EMN, can I stay at the hotel for extra nights?
A: Yes. Subject to availability, additional nights can be booked directly with the venue using the link on our webpage to give you a preferential rate. For more information please email emngeneral@outlook.com
Q: Is there an internet connection at the hotel?
A: Yes, Often, there is complimentary WIFI in the conference room.
Q: I am interested in sponsoring a conference, how do I go about it?
A: If you are interested in Sponsoring a conference please email emngeneral@outlook.com for more information.
Q: I require an Attendance Certificate, how can I get one?
A:  Attendance Certificate are only given to attendees onsite.


Q: Do I have to pay for accommodation to stay at the hotel?
euro-sign-white A: Yes. Any person who arrives at the hotel who has not pre booked and paid will be charged the full amount. You do have the option of purchasing an event pass if you wish to stay at another hotel.
Q: How can I pay?
A: You can pay by card payment or bank transfer online or by card payment/cash in the relevant currency onsite. We are no longer able to accept Cheques.

Q: Why do I have to pay for my accompanying person if they are sharing my room?
A: This is because the fee includes accommodation, use of the hotel facilities, breakfast and dinner.
Q: Is my accompanying person allowed into the conference? 
A: No, but they are allowed to the Lunch and Dinner, if the ticket is purchased.
Q: What is the refund policy?
A: The refund policy is under our every website. This is the refund policy we follow in accordance to our contract with the hotel’s
policy. The decision of EMNConferences is final.
Q: The chair said I was getting funding for the conference but I have an invoice on my registration?
A: Please forward us a copy of the invitation that the Chair sent to you for us to clarify with the Chair
Q: The chair has said he will support some of my registration do I still need to pay?
A: You will need to pay the difference between the full registration fee and the amount the Chair has supported you from the budget.
Q: Will I be required to attend the whole conference if I am receiving a budget contribution?
A: If you are awarded a contribution towards registration or your registration has been covered by the Chairs budget, you will be required to attend the whole conference.


Q: My question is not listed in the FAQ’s, who should I contact?
A: For all other questions please email emngeneral@outlook.com