Welcome Sponsorship!

Don’t hesitate to contact us: general@emnmeeting.org

A Unique Platform

With the EMN Conference covering a wider range and becoming well-recognized by the public,it will move towards a more diversified direction.
As a sponsor of an EMN Conference you may:
1.have the opportunity to interact with passionate scientists who are eager to learn more about your products and services.
2. encounter prospective customers, as well as existing clients.
3.have a unique opportunity to work alongside pioneering experts within your scientific field.
A Diversified Collaboration

Here list some selecting options below, we can then work together to decide on the benefits you wish to receive.

  1. Sponsor a conference/workshop/session/invited speaker
  2. Exhibition space
  3. Whole page advert on Program and Abstract book
  4. 15 mins speaking slot
  5. Hyperlinked logo on event webpage/Pre-session logo projection
  6. Company profile on the hall
  7. Sponsor the dinner/a Coffee Break
  8. Sponsor the shuttle from conference hotel to airport