Welcome to 2020 EMN SUMMIT !

The EMN Summit 2020 will be held from April 6th-10th, 2019 in Chengdu, China

The 2020 EMN Summit will be held from April 6th-10th, 2020 at Institute of Fundamental and Frontier Sciences (IFFS), University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC). We are hoping to attract some of the prominent researchers across the frontiers of energy, material and nanotechnology, etc., and you are certainly one of them.

This conference will aim to be a unique platform for leading scientists, researchers, scholars and engineers from academia, institutes and universities around the world and will continue to promote discussions and information exchanges across the frontiers of research.

Time: April 6th-10th, 2020

Venue: Room 818, Communication Building, Shahe Campus, University of Electronic Science and Technology (UESTC), Chengdu, China.

Address: No.4, Section 2, North Jianshe Road, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China.

Contact: Conference Assistant: Miss Fan Wang (IMD@uestc.edu.cn)


The conference will be covered the most recent advancement on Nanomaterials, Energy Materials, Soft Materials and Biomaterials, Electronic Devices and Materials, Magnetics and Photonics, Theory and Modeling, and other topics of Materials Science and Technology

Workshops & session chairs to be updated…

Invited / Oral Speakers:

  • Matthias Batzill, University of South Florida, USA
    Defect formation and properties in 2D- transition metal dichalcogenides
  • Renaud Bachelot, University of Technology of Troyes (UTT), France
    Polarization can drive light emission from hybrid plasmonic nanosources
  • Andres Cantarero, University of Valencia, Spain
    Optical properties of narrow GaN superlattices
  • Victor Kagalovsky, Shamoon College of Engineering, Israel
    Superconducting edge states in topological insulators
  • Federico Rosei, INRS
    Multifunctional materials for emerging technologies
  • Harry Eugen Ruda, University of Toronto, Canada
  • Matjaz Valant, University of Nova Gorica
    Seasonal grid energy storage in solid matter
  • Igor Yurkevich, Aston University, UK
    Quantum discord in solid-state setups
  • Pawel K. Zarzycki, Koszalin University of Technology, Poland
    New proposal and preliminary experimental work on various extraterrestrial soils simulants for civil engineering applications

More speakers to be updated…

Abstract Submission:

Abstract submission deadling: March 15th, 2020.

The abstarct template is available here: EMN-Abstract-Template.

Please submit it as an email attachment to fwang@uestc.edu.cn

  • Please underline the name of the presenting author.
  • Please limit abstracts to a single page.
  • Select Invited, Oral or Poster presentation preferred as prompted in the template.
  • Abstracts with figures are encouraged.
  • Abstracts may be submitted ONLY as Microsoft Word files. Please name your file according to the following convention prior to submission: First Name_Last Name_EMN week_ Abstract.doc(e.g.John_Smith_EMN  Week_Abstract.doc).

Author preferences will be taken into account, however the final decision on presentation format and session will be made by the Committee and indicated in the acceptance email.


The registration gateway shall be available on Feb. 1, 2020, and detailed information can be found here.

Regular(Invited/Oral) Before 30th, Feb, 2019 US$748
Regular(Poster) Before 30th, Feb, 2019 US$548
Late(Invited/Oral) 1th, Mar-15th, Mar, 2019 US$798
Late(Poster)  1th, Mar-15th, Mar, 2019 US$598
Without Presentation Before 6th, Apr, 2019 US$468
Accompany person(without Scientific Program) Before 6th, Apr, 2019 US$398
On-Site (Cash Only) Apr 6- 10, 2019 US$898

 Please Note:

The registration fees are refundable less a ten percent (10%) processing charge if notice of cancellation is received 30 days before the meeting;

The registration fees are refundable less a twenty percent (20%) processing charge if notice of cancellation is received 15 days before the meeting;

Registration fees cannot be refunded if notice of cancellation is received within 15 days before the meeting;

On-site registration payments are acceptable in Cash Only.

Attention: All lunch and Dinner are non-transferable and non-transferable and non-changeable. There are separated charges for each activity if you bring any additional member.

The Meeting Schedule:

On Site Registration Starts: 14:00PM, April 6th, 2020

Scientific Program: April 7th-9th,2020

Look forward to having the pleasure welcoming you to 2010 EMN Summit !