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Welcome to 2020 EMN SUMMIT !

The 2020 EMN SUMMIT originally planned to be held during April 6-10, 2020 in Chengdu, China. But with the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak causing serious restrictions on global travel and also anxiety. Most conventional face-to-face meetings or events, therefore, have to be canceled or postponed. To proactively brace for the impact of COVID-19, and to facilitate the communication and serve on the community of nanoscale research, we are now plan to postpone the EMN SUMMIT to April 27-30, 2020. At the same time, the meeting will be changed to a VC(Virtual Conference). Introducing state-of-the-art video conferencing technology, we aim to provide a premier forum on the latest advances in the interdisciplinary research at the nanoscale, and allow participants to share insight beyond the boundary of physical distances while involving no risk to everyone’s health, safety, and well-being.