Still hesitating to attend the EMN Conference?  Let’s have a look at the following feedback of our previous attendees.

“I brought small souvenir to you since you have helped me a lot for a long time. Anyway, I will keep that in my mind for he future.”
by Yukitoshi Takeshita,    EMN Meeting on Polymer 2016

“Thank you for the organization of the EMN meeting on PV.  It was a very interesting meeting with many fruitful discussions.”
by Dimopoulos Theodoros,  EMN Meeting on Photovoltaics 2015 

“This is my belated mail of thanks for your efficient organization of the 2015 EMN Meeting in Beijing. Both my wife and I greatly enjoyed the meeting and visiting Beijing.”
by Takeshi Oka,  EMN Meeting on Quantum Technology 2015 

“I really appreciate EMN conference. The program and the speakers were very interesting and I hope to participate at the future meeting.”
by Jean-Charles Beugnot,  EMN Meeting on Quantum Technology 2015

“I really enjoyed the wonderful EMN conference, and I would like to say thanks for the organizing committee.”
by Chun-Yeol You,  EMN Hong Kong Meeting 2015

“The Hong Kong EMN meeting was really successful and I have enjoyed it.”
by Jan Mistrik,  EMN Hong Kong Meeting 2015

“I enjoyed the EMN Meeting, Bangkok, very much. I really appreciate your kind hospitality to stay at Bangkok. I look forward to seeing you again the other EMN Meeting.”
by Tetsuya Yamamoto, EMN Meeting Bangkok, 2015

“Please send my sincere thanks to Prof. Wang and to his organizing teamfor the EMN meeting in Bangkok. I have enjoyed the conference and the interesting discussions we had during the meeting. I wish you all success in organizing future conferences. ”
by Alexandru Stancu, EMN Meeting Bangkok, 2015

“I enjoyed the conference very much and the social programm as well. Hope to see you somewhere sometimes, in a nice part of the world. ”
by Sophie Guillemet, EMN Meeting Bangkok, 2015

“I enjoyed the conference very much and the social programm as well. Hope to see you somewhere sometimes, in a nice part of the world. ”
by Sophie Guillemet, EMN Meeting Bangkok, 2015

“Yes, the last EMN Phuket Meeting was a wonderful one!”
by Xiao Hu, EMN Phuket Meeting 2015

“Thanks for your assistance. I really appreciate it. And I really enjoyed the EMN meeting in Phuket.”
by Seiji MIZUNO, EMN Phuket Meeting 2015

“I participated the 3CG in Phuket and I have a question which gives me the opportunity to convey my compliments for your perfect and agreeable organization, to tell you thank you also on behalf of many other participants who like me were pity not to get acquainted with you at the conference. You have made a good job. My brief question is just about some statistics for my internal report here, e.g. how many participants were there and from which countries?”
by Eberhard Richter,  Collaborative Conference on Crystal Growth 2014