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The EMN Meetings grew out of a small workshop series that began in 2008 at a traditional villa in Orlando, Florida. Over the next three years, six additional successful workshops were organized on various focus topics in materials science, and grouped under the title of “Villa Conference” in honor of the original 2008 Orlando meeting. The Villa Conference series has grown rapidly beyond the traditional villa setting, continuing to attract highly-quality contributions from members of the international scientific and engineering communities. In 2012 the first Conference with a broader theme of Energy, Materials and Nanotechnology was held. The EMN Meetings now include five annual gatherings: EMN Fall (Orlando), EMN Spring (Las Vegas), EMN Summer (Cancun), EMN East (Beijing), and EMN Open (Chengdu).

To continue its success of last events at Beijing, China 2015 and Phuket, Thailand 2016, EMN Meeting on Quantum 2017 aims to be a unique platform for leading scientists, researchers, scholars and engineers from academia, R&D laboratories and industry around the world to exchange, share and learn the most recent advancement on various aspects related to Quantum.

EMN Meeting on Quantum 2017 will take place at Vienna, Austria from June 18 to 22, 2017. The meeting will be a few days of intense collaboration with great social occasions. It will be not only be a time to enjoy the company of fellow researchers in the field, but also a time to have fun with friends and family! As the capital city of Austria, apart from the cradle of the European classical music, a city of art, architectures and cultures, the famous Danube River which flows through Vienna, the “Blue Danube” waltz, Vienna has been the backdrop of some major milestones in the new science of quantum cryptography as well since 2008. Scientists there booted up the world’s largest, most complex quantum-information network, in which transmitted data is encoded as the quantum properties of photons, theoretically making the information impervious to eavesdropping. Built at a cost of 11.4 million euros, the network spans approximately 200 kilometers, connecting six locations in Vienna and the neighboring town of St. Poelten, and has eight intermediary links that range between 6 and 82 km. The new network demonstrated a first for the technology—interoperability among several different quantum-cryptography schemes. The project, which took about six months longer to complete than planned, was so complex that some wags are calling the Viennese network ”the mother of all quantum networks.”

Look forward to having the pleasure welcoming you to the EMN Meeting on Quantum 2017! Welcome to Vienna!

Local Organizer:

Prof. Michael Probst
Institute of Ion Physics, University of Innsbruck, Austria

Our Group Photo of 2015 EMN Meeting on Quantum Technology: